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Guide to Development

Looking to develop in Wayland? This page is where you will find everything you need to know about the planning process to get your project up and running.

The City of Wayland contracts with Professional Code Inspections for all planning, zoning, and development needs. Information provided below has been provided by them, and any questions you may have should be directed to Zoning Administrator Lori Castello, lcastello@pcimi.com. All checks are to be written to “City of Wayland”, however they must be included with applications and mailed to PCI. Online payments are not accepted at this time.

PCI Michigan: Dorr Office
1575 142nd Ave.
Dorr, MI 49323
(616) 877-2000

Building Applications

If you are building, remodeling or adding onto a single or two family residential dwelling or accessory building, the following permits may be required dependent upon the scope of work you are performing.  

Building Permit Application

Building Permit Checklist

Electrical Application

Mechanical Application

Plumbing Application

Individual fees for these applications vary, dependent on the type of work being done. For all, the permit base fee is $40, with additional fees dependent on the type of work and inspections being done.

Planning and Zoning Applications:

All commercial projects require Site Plan Review. Some commercial and residential uses may require a Special Use Permit or a Variance.  In other cases, a use may not be permitted within its zoning district, requiring either a change of zoning district or an amendment to the text of the Zoning Ordinance.  A conversation regarding your proposed use and comparison to the existing ordinance is recommended between you and the Zoning Administrator. If necessary, you’ll be guided as to which form you’ll need and the corresponding process.

Application for Site Plan Review

Application for Special Use Permit

Application for Zoning Variance

Application for Re-Zoning

All planning and zoning applications require a minimum fee of $300. The actual costs for review of site plans, including engineering, stormwater management, planning, utility access, traffic issues, etc. shall be charged against the minimum fee. Any costs in excess of the minimum fee shall be billed to the applicant.

General information regarding development processes may be found below:

Site Plan Review Application Timeline

Special Use Permit Application Timeline

Zoning Variance Application Timeline

Re-Zoning Application Timeline

All planning and zoning applications must be turned in a minimum of 30 days before the next Planning Commission meeting, which takes place the second Tuesday of each month. Applications are first reviewed by the Joint Site Plan Review Team, comprised of various staff members from building, planning, zoning, public safety, public works, and administration, among others, to ensure completeness of submission and provide analysis summaries to the Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission will perform final review at their available meeting, based on the information provided by the applicant and staff review comments. If a Public Hearing is required, that will also take place at the Planning Commission meeting. The Planning Commission will either make a determination or a recommendation to City Council for final decision dependent upon the application type and which body has final decision authority.

Once your plan has been approved by the appropriate body, PCI will guide you through the permitting process for your construction permits, which will allow you to begin development. Dependent on your work, you will need some or all of the following: a building permit, electrical permit, mechanical permit, or plumbing application.

For commercial buildings, a Plan Review Submittal Form will need to be submitted with your building permit. Plan Review fees vary and will be included in the cost of your building permit upon issuance. A complete fee schedule can be found below. 

Appropriate applications for Building, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing permits may be found above.

Other applications

Outside of the basic planning, zoning, and permitting process, PCI also handles a few other processes for the City. For the following three processes, payments will be written out to “PCI”.

Agricultural Zoning Compliance Form – This application would be used if you want to construct a building for 100% qualified agricultural use. A $35 fee is required.

Land Division Application – This would be used if you want to divide your property under the Land Division Act, and staff would ensure this is in compliance with the various laws. If property is platted, additional approval is required from City Council. A $75 fee is required.

Land Transfer Form – This would be used to transfer land from one parcel to another. A $75 is required.  If property is platted, additional approval is required from City Council. A $75 fee is required.

If you'd like a more detailed description of these processes, go to the Guide to Development below, or feel free to reach out to PCI to ask questions or schedule a conceptual review meeting. 

            Guide to Development


Do you need help with your site plan before you submit it for development? Contact Lori Castello at PCI at lcastello@pcimi.com, to schedule a conceptual review meeting, where inquiries such as the following will be discussed, or to ask specific questions about your project:

  • Requirements for Submittal to Planning Commission
  • Information that needs to be on the site plan, such as dimensions, setbacks, parking, landscaping, surfacing types, site design, etc.
  • Explanation of the site plan review process
  • Explanation of relevant zoning ordinances

2021 Fee Schedule (Updated January 2021): 

All checks should be made out to "City of Wayland"; credit card payments may be subject to fees. 

Property taxes and utility bills can be payed in person by check or cash or online here

Dog licenses can be purchased through Allegan County here

General fees, fees for water and sewer hookups, and fees for parking fines can be paid in person at City Hall, either by check, cash, or credit card. 

Fees for Planning and Zoning, and all inspection fees should be paid to PCI Michigan when you turn in your application, although checks shall still be made to "City of Wayland". At this time, they do not accept credit card payments. 

City of Wayland Fee Schedule			 GENERAL		PROPERTY TAX FEES/LEVIES	 Accident Report 	$10.00	City Charter Property Tax/Levy	16.3607 NSF Checks plus Bank Fees	$25.00	Wayland Union Schools Operating Tax/Levy	18 Marriage Ceremonies 	$50.00	Wayland Union Schools Debt Repayment	8.4 Copies (per side) 	$0.10	Intermediate Schools Tax/Levy	4.9032 Dog Licenses 		State Education Tax/Levy	6 Puppy (age 4 mo. To 12 mo.) 		Allegan County Operating Tax/Levy	4.5125 1 year	$5.00	Allegan County Roads Tax/Levy	0.9857 Spayed/Neutered		Allegan County Senior Services Tax/Levy	0.4859 1 year	$5.00	Allegan County Medical Facility Tax/Levy	0.25 3 years	$12.00	Henika District Library Tax/Levy	1.3554 Male/Female License 		Residential Recycling (annual)	$50.00  1 year	$10.00		 3 years	$25.00	PARKING VIOLATIONS 	 		Overtime Parking	$5.00 ZONING   		Double Parking 	$5.00 Site Plan Review	$300.00	Fire Lane Parking 	$5.00 Special Use Permit	$300.00	Loading Zone Parking 	$5.00 Zoning Variance	$300.00	Wrong Direction Parking	$5.00 Re-zoning Request	$300.00	Alley Parking 	$5.00 Zoning Text Amendment	$75.00	Prohibited Area Parking	$5.00 Agricultural Zoning Compliance	$35.00	Parking in a Cross Walk	$5.00 Land Division	$75.00	Parking in a Restricted Zone 	$5.00 Land Transfer	 $75.00 	Parking in a Handicapped Zone	$5.00 		Parking Too Close to Fire Plug	$5.00 ELECTRICAL PERMIT		Parked Across Lines	$5.00 Permit Base Fee	$40.00	Parked Too Close To Intersection	$5.00 Final Inspection 	$40.00	Parking Obstructing Traffic Lane	$5.00 Rough In Inspections	$40.00	Front Yard Parking	$5.00 Re-inspection	$40.00	Unregistered Vehicle 	$5.00 Underground/Pool Bonding	$40.00	Parking Blocking Private Driveway	$5.00 Additional Inspection 	$40.00	Parking Over Sidewalk	$5.00 Inspections, hourly rate	$50.00		 Electrical Services through 600 amp Permanent and Temp	$20.00	MECHANICAL PERMIT: SINGLE FAMILY/ADDITIONS/REMODELING	 600 amp -- 800 amp	$20.00	Permit Base Fee	$40.00 Over 800 amp 	$25.00	Final inspections, Additional inspections	$40.00 Sub Panel	$5.00	Underground Inspection	$40.00 Circuits, each	$4.00	Rough-in inspection	$40.00 Light fixtures per 25 and fraction thereof	$5.00	Inspections, hourly rate	$50.00 Dishwasher, garbage disposal, and range hood, each	$4.00	Inspections not requiring a permit	$75.00 Furnace, unit heaters	$5.00	Furnances, heat pumps, boilers, fireplaces, solid fuel equipment, complete woodstoves	$20.00 Electrical heating units (baseboards), each	$4.00	Add on furnaces and water heaters, each	$20.00 Power outlets (including ranges, dryers, etc.), each	$4.00	Chimney factory built	$15.00 Exhaust and ventilation fans	$5.00	Duct system or hydronic piping	$10.00 Signs, per circuit	$5.00	Solar equipment, piping fee included	$15.00 Feeders, bus ducts, etc. per 50 ft. & fraction thereof	$6.00	Gas piping new installaion	$10.00 Mobile home park site, each	$6.00	Exhaust fans, each	$3.00 Recreational vehicle park site, each	$6.00	LPG piping fee	$10.00 K.V.A. & H.P., each up to 20 K.V.A. or H.P. 	$4.00	Central Air Conditioning 	$15.00 over 20 K.V.A. or H.P 	$8.00	Single Family (new)	$160.00 Fire alarms up to 10 stations and horns	$50.00	Duplex (new) 	$210.00 11 to 20 stations and horns	$100.00		 over 20 stations and horns, each	$5.00	MECHANICAL PERMIT: COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL	 New Residential 		Permit Base Fee	$40.00 New Single Family Dwelling	$160.00	Final inspections, Additional inspections	$40.00 Duplex	$210.00	Underground Inspection	$40.00 Special inspections not requiring permits 	$75.00	Rough-in inspection	$40.00 		Inspections, hourly rate	$50.00 BUILDING PERMIT		Inspections not requiring a permit	$75.00 Application	$40.00	Gas/oil burning equipment (New or Conversion)	$30.00 		Gas piping, each outlet new installation	$4.00 SEWER		Solar equipment, each panel & tank, piping fee included	$15.00 Sewer Connection Fee	$4,185.00	Air Conditioning and Refrigeration heat pumps, self contained: 	 Sewer Inspection Fee	$19.00	Under 15 HP a/c, each	$15.00 Sewer Readiness to Serve In City (Per EDU/Quarter)	$12.42	Evaporator coils, each	$25.00 1"	$25.25	Under 5 HP, Split System, each	$25.00 1.25"	$33.65	5HP and over, split system, each	$35.00 1.5" 	$39.40	Chiller, each	$80.00 2" 	$62.10	Fireplace	$30.00 3"	$197.50	Chimney factory built	$15.00 4"	$258.75	Cooling towers, each	$35.00 6" 	$790.00	Compressor 15 HP to 50 HP, each	$30.00 Usage in City per 1,000 Gallons 	$3.57	Over 50 HP, each	$50.00 Umetered Usage in City 	$24.87	Air handlers, self-contained units	 Sewer Readiness to Serve Outside City (Per EDU/Quarter)	$18.40	Ventilation & Exhaust fans under 15000CFM, each	$5.00 1"	$37.88	1500 CFM to 10,000 CFM, each	$25.00 1.25"	$50.48	Over 10,000 CFM, each	$50.00 1.5"	$59.10	heat recovery and wall fan coils, each	$10.00 2" 	$93.15	unit heaters, each	$15.00 3"	$296.25	Ducts, insulation, piping, fire suppression/protection systems, baseboard	 4"	$388.13	Based on bid price	 6" 	$1,185.00	under $3000	$30.00 Usage Outside City per 1,000 Gallons 	$5.36	$3000 to $7999	$40.00 Umetered Usage Outside City 	$31.97	$8,000 to $10,999	$50.00 		Over $11,000 ($10.00 for each $3,000.00 in additon to above rate)	$60.00 WATER		Fire supression plan review fee	$100.00 Water Connection Fee	$3,035.00	Incinerators, each	$15.00 Lateral Installation 1" 	$500.00	Crematories, each	$15.00 Lateral Installation over 1" 	By Owner	Humidifiers, each	$10.00 Water Readiness to Serve In City (Per EDU/Quarter)	$13.00	Electronic air cleaner with washer, each	$30.00 1"	$21.71		 1.5"	$43.29	PLUMBING PERMIT	 2" 	$69.29	Permit Base Fee	 $40.00  3"	$130.00	Final Inspection  	 $40.00  4"	$216.71	Rough In Inspections	 $40.00  6" 	$433.29	Re-inspection	 $40.00  Usage in City per 1,000 Gallons 	$2.75	Underground	 $40.00  Water Readiness to Serve Outside City (Per EDU/Quarter)	$19.50	Inspection, hourly rate	 $50.00  1"	$32.57	Subsoil Drains, each	 $5.00  1.5" 	$65.04	Fixtures, each	 $5.00  2" 	$103.94	Stacks, Vents and Roof Conductors	 $5.00  3"	$195.00	Sewers, each (city sewer)	 $10.00  4"	$325.07	Water services, each (city water)	 $10.00  6" 	$649.94	Utility Holes, Catch Basins, each	 $5.00  Usage Outside City per 1,000 Gallons 	$4.00	Sewage Pumps, sewage injectors, each	 $5.00  Water Turn On for Non Payment	$50.00	Water distributing pipe (systems)	 Water Turn On for Non Payment After Hours	$110.00	up to one inch	 $5.00  Water Turn On Request--Vacant Property 	$20.00	over one inch	 $20.00  Portable Summer Meter Deposit	$25.00	Reduced pressure zone backflow preventer, each	 $5.00  Portable Summer Meter Fee	$10.00	Water connected appliances, equipment and devices, each	 $2.00  Meter Check-- Up to 2" 	$15.00	All drains and traps, each	 $2.00  Summer Water Tap On Fee	$200.00	Laboratory, hospital, clinic fixtures, equipment and devices, each	 $2.00  0.75" Meter with Clamps	$185.00	Medical Gas Piping, per opening (includes certificate)	 $20.00  1" Meter with Clamps	$280.00	Water Heater Including Inspection	 $45.00  1.5" Meter with Clamps	$1,225.00	New Single Family Residence 	 $160.00  2" Meter with Clamps	$1,455.00	New Duplex	 $210.00  		Pre-Manufactured Dwelling w/o a basement	 $40.00  		Inspections not requiring a permit	 $75.00

A dollar bill broken into sections, showing in cents how much of your property taxes go to different areas. In the City of Wayland, 27 cents go to the City itself, 61 cents to education (including 29 cents for Wayland Union Schools Operating Costs, 14 cents for Wayland Union Schools Debt Repayment, 10 cents for State Education Tax and 8 cents for the Intermediate school), 10 cents go to Allegan County (including 7 cents for County Operating Costs, and 1 cent each for the County Road Commission, Senior Services, and County Medical Care Facility), and 2 cents for the Henika District Library.


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