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imgWayland City Park
Wayland City Park
imgSplash Pad in the City Park
Splash Pad in the City Park
imgCelebrating 150 yrs
imgCity Hall
imgRabbit River Park
Rabbit River Park
imglabor day
imgBasketball/Tennis Court City Park
Basketball/Tennis Court City Park



City Council Meeting via Zoom information will be posted here before the next Council Meeting.

Please follow these instructions if you wish to participate in the City Council Meeting Scheduled for Monday,  September 21, @ 7pm. Thank you.
Please follow these instructions:
go to www.Zoom.com

Meeting ID: 840 2971 2479

Password: 921859



Starting the week of May 4th, the City is able to start picking up brush.

If you have any questions, please refer to our City-Wide Brush Policy.



Starting June 1st, Summer Meters will be available at City Hall. The monthly rental fee is $10.

Curbside Recycle Change
Starting on March 31st, 2020, our curbside recycling will be picked up bi-weekly on TUESDAYS.  Please be sure to put your recycle bin out the night before our scheduled day. Thank you